SOFTMEHR’s Research and Development Mobile, Java, C#, Algorithms

Softmehr  research team includes the experts in the fields of modeling and forecasting on experimental data, decision support and pattern recognition, linear and nonlinear analyses, signal processing and numerical methods.  Our experts accomplish research that have further practical application in software development.

We conduct research in the areas of:

  • R&D in Mobile Application Development

Our experts do not just develop mobile applications for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry), but also carry out research in this areas as connection to a variety of adapters and devices, research in the field of mobile solutions for the automobile,  healthcare, etc.

  • R&D in Business Process Automation

We explore new technologies while creating enterprise solutions of BPM, ESB, CRM, ERP based on  IBM, Microsoft, Oracle product line. Our team consists of experienced analysts, developers and quality assurance specialists who put into practice research and development services for business process automation with application of the latest technologies: Java EE (Java), .Net (C#), BPM, ESB (IBM BPM, PEGA PRPC, PEGA Mobile).

  • R&D in Web Development

Constantly developing our own approaches to the resources design, we research and implement the latest technologies in the field of web solutions: Web 2.0, HTML5, CSS3 and others. Our specialists provide full range of enterprise software development and implementation, including  ERP and CRM and other corporate solutions.

R&D department of Softmehr  company that develops innovative data mining and real time signal processing methods and algorithms

These methods are in practical use and we are responsible for their applications in computational chemistry, medicine (ECG & EEG analysis), financial market analysis and forecasting and other fields. Softmehr provides both scientific solution and software implementation.